Bardou, our coyote as a baby.

Sulcata Tortoise

Loki, Blue and Gold Macaw

We can provide a wide range of educational programs including native wildlife, exotic animals, various habitats, responsible pet care and animal behavior to colleges, universities, schools, scout troops, etc. We have such a vast array of experiences to draw from that we can cater to almost any request for an educational program. If there is an area of interest that you feel would be beneficial to you, please contact us to discuss your individual needs. There is a charge for these programs to cover our expenses (time and travel) and to assist the daily husbandry of the animal collection.

Having a birthday party or special event? We do parties too!  Call us to book us for your next event.

For more information please email us at [email protected] or call us at 864-246-4425.

Think of the earth as a giant ball-shaped jigsaw puzzle with each piece of that puzzle vital to the existence of the planet. Each time a piece of the puzzle is lost, we come closer to the decimation of the whole. If you look up the word "decimation," you will find that some "near antonyms" are "preservation," "conservation" and "protection." That is our passion!

Education and Conservation