Safe Haven & Educational Adventures, Inc., a licensed, 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, is a permanent sanctuary for rescued exotic wildlife.  Established in 2007, it is home to over 200 animals that have been abandoned, abused, lost their home through death of the owner, or found to be more than the owners can handle.  Safe Haven is governed by a board of directors that includes local veterinarians and zoological and educational professionals so that they can provide the best care possible.  It is their goal to provide high quality, safe homes for unwanted animals and to educate the community about the environment and the importance of responsible animal care.  Safe Haven provides educational programs for children and adults for schools, scout troops, birthday parties, lectures and other special events.  The directors have a vast array of experiences to draw from and they can cater to almost any request for an educational program for all ages.  Some program topics include native wildlife, exotic animals, various habitats, responsible pet care and animal behavior.  All programs are done on an outreach basis because Safe Haven is not open to the public on a regular basis.  An open house for anyone to visit Safe Haven is held a couple times a year.



Our History:


Safe Haven was started by Kim L. Chiswell and S. Nigel Platt.  It officially became a non-profit organization in July of 2007.  Kim has worked in the zoological field for over 15 years and Nigel has about 25 years of professional zoological experience.  Kim has worked in zoos throughout the southeast and Nigel started in England before working in several zoos throughout the United States.  One thing that was common at all the places they worked was the numerous exotic “pets” that needed homes.  Zoos are always on the top of list of places that people would call but there just isn’t enough room for so many additions.  Over the years Kim and Nigel had both developed their own mini collections of animals trying to help out.  It wasn’t long before they realized that there was a need for a more permanent solution.  They received both their USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) exhibitor’s license and their permit to house American Alligators from the SCDNR (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources) in the spring of 2009.  The organization was created as not only a sanctuary but also as a source of education to teach people the responsibility of pet ownership and proper pet care. In 2012 Safe Haven partnered with Scaly Adventures to develop children’s television programming that will be broadcast internationally starting in the fall of 2013.


 Areas of Expertise:


          Reading and interpreting animal behavior


                                                     Solving animal behavior problems


                                                     Exotic and domestic animal training


                                                     Venomous snakes


                                                     Animal based educational programs for all ages


                                                     Animal management; welfare and behavior


Zoological Nutrition




All genres from mammals to invertebrates


Reptile identification and husbandry


Native Bird Identification


Native Plant Identification


Native flora and fauna identification


Guided nature tours, both native and African


Husbandry consultant on reptile care


Husbandry consultant on exotic animal care




Press Attention:


                   Safe Haven has appeared in the following:





                                   The Greenville News               Sept 5, 2008                pg 5D


                                    Pickens County Courier          June 17, 2009             pg 1B


                                   The Greenville News               June 22, 2009              pg 1C


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                                   The Greenville News                Nov 1, 2014                pg 1D




                         TV Shows:


                                         Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly       WSPA          May 28, 2009



                                         The Peggy Denny Show                              WGGS        July 2009


                                         Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly       WSPA         Aug 19, 2009


                                         News Channel 7                                           WSPA          Feb 28, 2011


                                         News Channel 7                                           WSPA          Oct 19, 2011


                                         Atlanta Live                                                  WATC          Sept 18, 2012


                                         Niteline                                                          WGGS         Mar 13, 2013


                                         Scaly Adventures                                        [various]      Oct 5, 2013



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