Annual Fund

Our organization is funded completely by donations and grants from the public.  It is your support that helps us provide new homes, healthy diets, veterinary care and enrichment for rescued animals.


You can donate safely online right now with Paypal or Just Give!  Just click on the image to the left to be talen to their sites.


Or to make a tax deductible donation please send your check to:


Safe Haven & Educational Adventures, Inc.

PO Box 14790

Greenville, SC 29640


Be sure to include your address, phone number and email address.



Corporate Donations

Safe Haven readily welcomes gifts of service or labor as well as monetary donations.  We also accept any items or gift certificates to use for raffles and/or silent auctions at our open house and other events throughout the year. For more information please contact us at 864-246-4425.




Adopt-an-Animal Program


Your contribution will cover one month of expenses, including food, enrichment and habitat maintenance for the animal of your choice.  The animal will remain in our care and you will receive a certificate of adoption, full color photo of your animal and a discount coupon for your next event.


Please contact us for rates and animals available for adoption.





Safe Haven uses volunteers in several different capacities to make it a successful organization.  If you are interested in helping out please download the volunteer application form and return to Safe Haven.  If you have any questions regarding what ways you can help please feel free to contact us.





Item Donation

 You may donate items that we use.  Here is a list of some of the things we use on a regular basis.


    Diets by Mazuri

            Parrot Maintenance

            Small Bird Diet

            Monkey Chow

            Leafeater Biscuits

            Chinchilla Diet


   Diets by Zupreem

            Marmoset Diet (canned)

            Parrot Pellets


    Other Food items: (any brand)

            Parrot Seed Mix

            Finch Seed

            Nuts (raw, in shell)

            Guinea Pig Diet

            Rabbit Pellets

            Rat/Rodent Pellets

            Gerbil / Hamster Food

            Hedgehog Food

            Sugarglider Food

            Ferret Food

            Timothy Hay

            Alfalfa Hay and cubes

            Rodent / Small mammal treats

            Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (especially greens)

            Dried Fruit

            Pasta or Cereal (low sugar)

            Venison, Beef or Chicken (frozen, raw)

            Mealworms (regular or superworms)

            Crickets (any size)

            Wax worms


     Non Food items:

            Bird toys (all sizes)

            Aspen Shavings

            Pine Shavings

            Wire, posts, lumber or other enclosure building supplies

            Natural (untreated) 2x4s or 2x2s

            Cleaning items such as bleach or laundry detergent

            Ceramic heat emitting bulb (100 – 150 watts)



Safe Haven's Wish List


Storage Sheds or Buildings (2) (urgent!)

Carports (2) (for conversion to aviaries)

Chain Link fencing and poles

Gram scale

Water bottles

Metal or ceramic food bowls


Brooder light (must have ceramic socket)

Nest boxes (large) (used as dens for small animals)


How You Can Help Us Help Them

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